Sunday, November 18, 2018

Where did the site go?

Susan Roan, aka betsy7122, is a cunt.

Betsy has been taunting me for years and accusing me of being a rapist.

According to Annie, she did it again, openly in chat, and you all accepted this. Annie is so new there’s no way she knows this old history. And I trust and believe Annie.

I’m a gay man, I don’t want Betsy’s dried up ass cookies. How is that even a question. 

A blind man wouldn’t fuck her fat ass in her wildest dreams.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse I also can’t think of a more flagrantly offensive statement to make about me.

Obviously this is to humiliate and impugn me publicly — and scandalize and titillate the rest of you— this is a grown ass woman with supposedly years clean saying this FALSE shit on social media for fucks sake — so you know what, I’m snapping and I’m reciprocating. Shame on all of you for not recognizing a SICK WOMAN DESPERATE FOR YOUR PITY AT MY EXPENSE.

Get this through your thick bovine skull, Betsy: I prefer the company of gentlemen, you miserable fucking cunt. I could write 2,000 pages about how my dick and balls would shrivel up and crawl up inside my body crying as they chew a hole trying to escape, at the thought of you and I in that way.

Trust me when I say, I know how stupid and insane you are, and how hopeless it is asking you to grasp the truth or wrap your head around anything. I doubt even something of this magnitude could arise you from your self-deluded slumber but I am finally sick enough of your shit that I’m going here and stating the obvious as plainly and publicly as possible: I am not fucking interested.

48 hours from now, after everyone has read this and anyone you’ve ever talked to will also be VERY clear I’m not interested and hopefully challenge you on your lies moving forward. I know you fuckers love to gossip.

If it’s not that then she’s just retaliating for her chatroom ban two years ago. Fuck every single one of you who took her side.

Oh her anonymity boo hoo. Hiding behind her fake ass identity as “Betsy Wilt,” naming me on social media, sharing my home address, slandering me as a rapist.... tough shit lady. You deserve this.

I have a serious question for DOZENS of backstabbing dumb fucks: How is it possible, that all of you have sat there and listened to this sociopath quaking in her boots about how I’m supposedly gonna rape her —- and not ONE of you IDIOTS have asked “um, isn’t he gay?” — that I would travel to Maryland for some 70 year old non consensual dried up pussy — on a bitch who is just as disgusting on the inside as she is on the outside — is the height of delusion. Get your heads examined, every fucking one of you who listened to this and did not question it. How can you be that stupid and still breathe?

By the way I have a chat log of Betsy and a gentleman by the nick of “Leger” in which she makes it VERY CLEAR that rape play is totally her thing. 

Her thing. Not mine. Dare me to post it, fucking dare me to post it, call me a rapist one more time you BITCH and I will post it —- you little cyber sexing freak.

She only says this to torment me. And she’s been saying it for several years. How do you not see through this?


And what the hell did this devolve into?

You cowards not only tolerated her saying this recently, but you even made her an op.

She gets off on tattling and getting people demoted or banned. She loved playing victim.

The bitch is pathological.

Shiloh, used to use newcomers as punching bags. He loved baiting and taunting them.

We got rid of him.

He threatened to have someone assault or kill me at an NA meeting.

Betsy and Shiloh (John Wilson) were on Facebook dropping my real name and plotting to have me put in PRISON for banning them from a CHATROOM.

John said “Sometimes God shows up in his little police cruiser.”

Neither has apologized or made an amend. They’re supposedly the ones with years clean.

I’m the one that reached out to both over the years attempting to do so.

As much as I want to welcome everyone to the table, Shiloh had the nerve to say that unamended behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

I agree 100%

Demote that fucking cunt immediately.

Here’s what needs to be done:

Susie - Demoted. She knows why.
Robin_Y - You’d better email her and say she was done dirty. Susie manipulated me into demoting her. I got played. You need her. She will clean house.
Betsy - Professional victim. Poison. She should be BANNED not on the service team.
Shiloh - Needs to mind his p’s and q’s, I would never send a newcomer to this fuck.

Here’s what I have to say to you assholes:

For the last two years you’ve spoken poorly of me and attacked me.

Yet you expected me to solve all your problems.

Talked so much shit but oh help us! Help us!

When I needed someone else to be an adult “you didn’t want to be involved.”

That’s why we’re all in this situation now.

I trusted one person with my problems running the site — Bytor.

Bytor — Susies little fuck boy — into some mommy role play much ? — stabbed me in the back saying I was high for the conversation.

Because no one but robin_y and Annie have a set of balls.

This thing was wicked and deserved to be burned to the ground.

And none of you are to be trusted.

You know what’s funny? You have totally overplayed your hand with me.

Stay the fuck away from their successor chat. Do not send newcomers there.

If you want this domain back, Robin_Y needs to be an owner/admin

You may hate Robin but look at where we are now.

And if I were her I’d laugh and say tough shit, fuck you people. 

Just like I should have said to all of you in 2016, after Betsy got me banned for two years LYING ABOUT ME and then giggling and gloating about it like a little girl floating on clouds. She was so happy to have people exiled for lies.

And you made the bitch an op.


Your opinion of me is so low that when Bytor says I’m high you nod and agree.

Your opinion of me is so low that when Betsy insinuates I’m a rapist you nod and agree and pity her.

God damn, that’s a low blow.

I had better be in the running for the Narcotics Anonymous Resentment of the Year award for the shit you assholes have done to me and my personal reputation.

That’s what I get for giving you 1/18th of my life. Oh I’m a monster. I saved your shitty website from hackers.

Hackers who probably never would have targeted you if you weren’t so awful towards people. Let’s call it what it is.

Do you really think I did any of this to be treated like this? Or to have my phone and email blown up every day for the last two months as you people cry over who fucked who, or who doesn’t like who?!?!? 

Just when I thought the expectations were already unreasonable, now I have to police your sex conduct, your gossip, your interpersonal relationships ?


Oh my god. Two page emails to half the site crying “nobody likes me.”



Please attend some meetings @ NABYPHONE.COM

Save yourself from this sickening shit show and outrageous human abuse.

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